The World Below

The setup is simple. A few years ago, an eagle-sized flying robot flew out of a sinkhole near Mt. Baker in Washington State.

The farmer who found it brought it to his brother in Seattle, Charles Hoy.

Hoy had it analyzed.

It held technological secrets that made a forturne.

But now the march of technology is leaving Hoy behind, and he needs another windfall.

He sends robotic cameras, then a team of six humans, into the sinkhole.

It is the gateway to a vast underground world.

The caves are unnatural. Light comes from an unknown source.

They have fresh air, plants, mild temperature. Almost like somebody designed the place to be hospitable to life.

And what life! Bizarre creatures, plants, and furtive, quick machines poplulate The World Below.

The Team of Six seek to capture some machines for Hoy's technicians to pick apart, but it's not easy.

A thousand mysteries, and two thousand dangers, confront them.

They face not just death, but bodily and spiritual transformation.

Eight issues of The World Below have been published so far. It's an adventure series with debts to Gene Roddenberry, H.P. Lovecraft and Sigmund Freud.

And unlike Concrete, as far as film and television rights go, TWB is downright virginal. Put six attractive actors in a setting 90% outdoors (with digital matte paintings for the distant cave walls), add minimal sets, a Hummer and two motorcycles - you have the perfect film-it-in Canada TV series. End of pitch.

Read a World Below story here.

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