Reading comics on the web is tough. They take too long to load. You must scroll a great deal.

We should make it as easy as possible.

To this end, I've started drawing my comics so that pages can be cut in the middle. It makes for two wider-than-tall blocks of panels. That better fits computer screens.

Additionally, I've arranged them so that they load in long, horizontal strips. The World Below story "Zombies," for example, looks like this...

The pop-up window might require a little horizontal scrollingg as the comics are presented in a linear format. It's easier on the eye.

Let the whole page load before you read it.

In fact, have something in another tab or window open to read while it loads. Then go read it. Nothing's more frustrating than reading a comics story then finding some panels have not quite loaded.


"Orange Glow," an Eisner-nominated Concrete short story

"Zombies," a tale of The World Below

"The Human Dilemma PT 1, " the Eisner-winning Concrete miniseries.

"The Human Dilemma PT2"

"The Human Dilemma PT3"

"The Human Dilemma PT4"

"The Human Dilemma PT5"

"The Human Dilemma PT6"

"Vincent," produced for the souvenir book for an arts festival in Spain, the theme of which was the Van Gogh painting the strip refers to.

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